Canon imageClass LBP161dn Install

First Time Setting Up Canon imageClass LBP161dn Install

Wired “Canon imageCLASS LBP161dn” Configuration

 Canon imageClass LBP161dn

  1. First of all, unbox your printer and remove all the tapes and packaging material. Then, connect the power cord to the printer and power outlet. Now, press the power button from the operational panel of the printer. Also, add the papers in the paper tray. This will make your printer ready for various processes. 
  2. Afterwards, turn your router on by pressing the power button. 
  3. Then, make sure that the router is turned on
  4.  For establishing the connection, you must have an Ethernet Cable. You will find this cable in the purchase box. But in case it was not there, then you have to purchase it from the market. You must be very careful while using the Ethernet cable as this cable looks identical to a telephone cable.   
  5.  Now, look for the Ethernet port on your printer. This port is available at the back of the printer. You can easily locate the port as the LAN icon will be available next to the Ethernet port. 
  6. Further, take the Ethernet cable and connect its one end into the printer port and another end to the network router. You must properly insert the cable in their respective fields. 
  7. After that, from the home screen of your printer, you have to press the “Menu” option. 
  8.  From the menu list options, select the “Network Settings”. For locating your desired option from the list, you can take the help of the navigation keys from the top of the printer. 
  9. Next, press the “Select Wired/Wireless LAN” option. 
  10. Then, from the new list, choose the “Wired LAN” option
  11. Thereafter, tap the “Wired LAN Active/Inactive” option. 
  12.  From the expanded list, select the “Active” option.
  13. This will complete the network configuration on your printer. 
  14. After the completion of the process, you will get an “Ethernet or LAN” icon on the bottom-left corner of the printer’s screen. 
  15. To check whether the printer is properly connected or not, you can look at the LNK indicator. If the port is lit and stable, this means the printer is properly configured. 
  16. Now, it will automatically set the IP Address. Hence, wait for its completion. 
  17. Once the printer configuration gets complete, you can start the download and installation of the printer driver. 

Install Canon Printer Driver

    1. First of all, turn on your system and printer.  
    2. Then, take the software installation CD which comes along with the purchase box and insert the CD in the CD Drive.
    3. Now, you have to click the “My Computer” icon from the desktop. 
    4. On the next screen, click CD-Rom. There you will get your setup file. 
    5. Double-click the setup file in order to start the installation process. 
    6. Meanwhile, you might get the popup box to permit the application to make the necessary changes to your system. In order to permit, tap the “Yes” button in the User Account Control prompt. 
    7. If prompted, then hit the “Yes” tab to allow the application to run on your device. 
    8. Now, in the initial window of the installation wizard, you can select the language for the installation wizard. Select the desired language and click the “Custom Installation” tab from the given options. This will help you to install the program or manual as per your product. 
    9. Then, you will get the “Easy Installation” window. In this window, you will get the list of programs that you can install on your device. Select the preferred programs to install by tick marking their respective checkboxes. 
    10. After selection, click the “Install” tab
    11. Further, the Canon Printer License Agreement window will appear on your screen. You must read the document carefully to know about the data collection policy, data usage policy, and much more. To continue with the process, you have to agree to the agreement by clicking the “Yes” tab. In case you click the “No” button, the installation process will stop right there.
    12. In case the “Printer Status Window” will appear, then you have to click the “Install” option. Then, a pop-up box will appear. Click the “Yes” tab to move further.
    13.  Now, in the Printer Setup screen, Canon asks you to select the setup method from Standard, Custom, and USB Connection. You must select the “USB Connection” setup method. Select and hit the “Next” tab.
    14. This will show a warning pop-up box. Read the warning message carefully and tap the “Yes” button. 
    15. In the next screen, you will be asked to connect the printer and your computer using the USB cable. Connect the flat connector of the cable to the computer and the square connector to the printer. For error-free connection, follow the steps given on the screen. 
    16. By doing so, the installation of the printer driver will begin.  
    17. If you are installing manuals, then in the middle of the installation process, you will be asked to choose the location for installing the manual program. Click the “Browse” option and choose a location to install the product. Select the location and click the “Install” tab. After the completion of manual installation, click the “Exit” tab from the pop-up box. This will take you back to the printer driver installation wizard.
    18. Further, you will get an Extended Survey Program window, read the whole document carefully. If you want to participate in the survey, then click the “Accept” tab. You can also select the “Do Not Accept” tab and move further.

 Canon imageClass LBP161dn

  1. Once the installation gets completed, you have to click the “Next” tab to exit the wizard. 
  2. In the final window, you will be asked to restart your system. Tick mark the checkbox next to the “Restart Computer Now” option and tap the “Restart” button. 
  3. Now, your Canon imageCLASS LBP161dn printer driver got successfully installed. You can now start using your printer. 

 Canon imageClass LBP161dn

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