Canon imageClass MF429x Install

First Time Setting Up Canon imageClass MF429x Install

Hardware Setup

  1. First of all, prepare the Canon imageCLASS MF429x printer for the setup. Hence, follow the below-given steps for its “Hardware Setup”.
  2. To begin with, place your Canon imageCLASS MF429x printer on a flat and safe place. Ensure that it is within the signal range of your network access point i.e. your router.
  3. Now, carefully unbox your printer. Then remove all the packaging material from the inside and outside of the printer.
  4. Next, you should plug the power cord into the printer and the other end into a wall outlet.
  5. Then, press the “ON” button located on the top to power it up. Make sure that its “Power Lamp” is lit and stable. 
  6. Subsequently, adjust its “Paper Tray” and carefully load it with plain A4 size sheets.
  7. After this, in case if the printer begins the initialization process. Then, wait for the process to complete.

Establishing Connection between the Printer and Network

  1. First and foremost, ensure that Canon imageCLASS MF429x is securely plugged into a stable “Power Source” and turned “ON”. For this, check its “Power Lamp”. It must be properly lit and stable.
  2. Along with that, ensure that the “Network Access Point” or “Router” is turned “ON” and available for connection. 
  3. Now, look at the printer’s “Operational Panel”. You will find it at the top of the printer. Here, you should look at its “Display Screen”. It should be lit and present its “Main Menu”. However, if it doesn’t provide the “Main Menu”. Then, look for the “Energy Saver” button. In other words, you should look for a button with a “Sleep Mode” icon. Now, if this button is lit. Then, press it to “Wake” the printer. Thereafter, press the “Home” button to open its “Home” window. 
  4. Next, you should use the “Arrow Keys” to navigate the “Display Panel”. As such, look for the “Menu” tab. Then, tap on it to open the “Menu” window.
  5. Now, tap on the “Preferences” tab to select it. Then, press “OK” from the “Operational Panel”.
  6. This will expand the “Preferences” section and provide another list of options. Now, select “Network” by tapping it. 
  7. As a result, it may prompt you to “log in”. Hence, enter your printer’s “Manager Login ID and Password”. Then, tap “OK”.
  8. Thereafter, select “Wireless LAN Settings”. 
  9. After that, if you get the “Do you want to enable the wireless LAN?” message. Then, tap on “Yes”.
  10. Subsequently, read the message provided on the next window. Then, select “OK”.
  11. Now, select “WPS Push Button Mode”.
  12. When prompted, select “Yes”. This will enable the printer’s “WPS Mode”.
  13. Thereafter, you are required to act fast and approach your router.
  14. Next, you should locate the router’s “WPS” push-button. Then, “Press and Hold” it. Here, you must remember that you should press the router’s “WPS” button within the stipulated time. In other words, it should be pressed within two minutes of tapping “Yes” on your printer. 
  15. Consequently, you will notice that your printer’s indicator lamp blinks continuously. This indicates that the printer is trying to locate an available network within range.
  16. Simultaneously, the “Power Lamp” will start blinking. Hence, wait till both the lamps stop blinking, but remains lit up. During this process, printer locates and connects to the network.
  17. Thereafter,  it connects your Canon imageCLASS MF429x Printer securely to your home network. 
  18. As such, your printer will display a message stating the status as “Connected”.
  19. Now, wait for a couple of more minutes as it will automatically set the IP Address and other settings.
  20. This concludes the network configurations for Canon imageCLASS MF429x. Now, proceed to install the Drivers. 

Download/ Install Canon imageCLASS MF429x Drivers

    1. First of all, turn on your Canon imageCLASS MF429x printer, Computer and Router. Besides that, you must ensure that the router is functioning properly. In addition to that, ensure that it is the same router with which you have connected your printer. 
    2. Besides that, confirm that both the printer and the computer are properly connected to the same network. 
    3. Now, properly insert the “Installation CD” into your system’s “CD Drive”.
    4. Consequently, the Canon imageCLASS MF429x Setup wizard will automatically open up. 
    5. However, in case if the “Setup CD-ROM” fails to run automatically. Then, eject the CD. Now, insert it once again into the computer’s CD Drive. Subsequently, if you have a Windows device. Then,  click on “My Computer” from the “Start” menu. Thereafter, select CD-ROM and double-click the “Canon imageCLASS MF429x Setup File”. On the other hand, Mac users should double-click the “Canon Laser” icon from the “Desktop”. Then, click on the “Setup File” from the “Selection Window”.
    6. The initial window of the Setup Wizard provides a list of “Installation Options”. As such, click  on “Easy Installation” for effortless installation of the Drivers.
    7. Now, it will take you to the “Select The Type Of Connection” window. Here, you should look for “Connect Printer To The Computer via Network”. Underneath it, you will find the “Next” button. Hence, click on it.
    8. As a result, the next window will display the details of the drivers/ software. As such, click “Install” to proceed.
    9. Subsequently, it will take you to the “License Agreement” window. Here, you should closely read the terms and click “Yes”.
    10. Consequently, it will open the “Canon imageCLASS MF429x Setup Wizard”. Here, you should click on “Next”.
    11. Then, click “Yes” when prompted to permit for “Firewall Settings”.
    12. Thereafter, it will prompt you to “Select Device”. This window will provide you with a list of devices available on the network for installing the Drivers. Hence, select your “Device” from the list. Then, click “Next”.
    13. However, in case if it doesn’t display the name of your device in the list. Then, 
      1. Check the following.
        1. The computer and machine are connected over the network.
        2. The machine is turned ON.
        3. The IP address is set correctly
        4. The computer and machine are on the same subnet
        5. Security software is disabled
      2. Click on “Update Device List” located below the list of “Devices”.
      3. This should resolve the issue. However, in case if still it doesn’t display your “Device Name”. Then, you should follow this alternative. Another key point to remember is that you must have the “IP Address” of your system.
      4. Click on “Search By IP Address”. You will find it beneath the list of “Devices”.
      5. Then, accurately type in your system’s “IP Address” in the following pop-up box. 
      6. Thereafter, click “OK”.

 canon imageclass mf429x install

  1. Consequently, the next window will display some “Settings Details”. Hence, click on “Start” to begin the installation process.
  2. The next window will keep you updated with the Installation Status” through a progress bar.
  3. Finally, it will notify that the “Installation is Complete”. Hence, click on “Exit”. 
  4. After that, it will prompt you to start installation for the Driver’s “Toolbox”. Hence, click on “Start”.
  5. Then, click “Exit” once the installation is complete.
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