Wireless Printers are the latest breed of printing devices allowing utmost flexibility, convenience, and optimum usability. Wireless printers connect to a wireless network devoiding use of any cables/ wires. Once such a connection is established properly, every possible device on the network like PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, `etc. can utilize it.
Canon Wireless Printer Setup is slightly more tricky than a USB connection. It is slightly complicated. But with some caution and following proper procedure, you can save a lot of headaches.

 Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Before you actually sit down to set up your Canon Printer; double check your printer’s connection specifications. As printers can be connected through multiple ways, you need to eliminate every possible doubt about it.
Now that you are fully confident of the fact that your printer is meant for a wireless connection, you can proceed. You can also check the same online. Though this is not the end of it. You must also check for the specified wireless connectivity options of your printer.

Wireless Connection Options

Do keep in mind that there’s more than one type of wireless connections.  You can have a Bluetooth-enabled printer or a commonly used Wi-Fi printer. If your printer connects over Bluetooth instead of WiFi, there would be slight variations in the setup procedures.Once you have determined your printer’s connectivity type, you have to make a few more choices based on your printer’s model and network setup. You can install the printer directly to your home network if it has a display screen.  Most wireless printers have a small display screen that you can use to find and connect to your home network. Else, you need to link the printer to your computer via USB and configure it.You also have the option of sharing a printer that is wired with a computer on your network. This is because some older or budget printers need to be hard-wired with a computer to be shared on the network.Printers directly connected to the network are readily accessible by both Windows and Mac OS.  Contrary to it, printer wired to a computer and then shared can be operated only by devices running the same OS. Moreover, the main connected computer should remain on to make use of the printer. This can complicate things in any work group. Hence, if possible, stick to printer installation directly to the network. This will ensure convenient and maximum usability.

Choose Your Model


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Printer Setup

Once, you are done with these crucial decisions; we can safely move ahead to the real work. Canon wireless printer allows you to print from anywhere without bothering to stick around the printer. However, your printer and computer placement must consider a few things. Both must remain within the connectivity range of your network router.

Connecting an Access Point

Canon Wireless Printer Setup consists of just two steps: establishing the Wi-Fi connection between the printer and network and installing the driver so you can command the printer. Establishing the Wifi connection depends on your network access point. Access Points are commonly known as routers or hubs. Some feature the convenient WPS setup while others depend on a more traditional method. You must check your router’s manuals to confirm this or can contact your router manufacturer for the same. Based on your router’s specification, you must proceed with either WPS Connection Method or Standard Connection Method.

WPS Connection Method

You confirmed that there is a physical WPS push button on your router and wants to finish the Canon Wireless Printer Setup soon. But you are not done yet. There is certainly other information that you need for the setup. Ensure that your network is secure i.e. it must be using WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol. You would also need certain information regarding your network hub. You must have network’s SSID (i.e. its name) and the network password handy for Canon Wireless Printer Setup. If you don’t have it, check with your network provider.

  1. Turn On your printer.
  2. Now, press and hold the Wifi button located on the top of the printer. Keep it pressed till the alarm lamp flashes once.
  3. Once the lamp next to this button starts to flash blue, approach your access point i.e. your router. Press it’s WPS button within 2 minutes. The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will continue flashing while searching, and the power and Wi-Fi lamp will flash when connecting to the access point. As a successful connection is established between the printer and router; power and WiFi lamp will stop flashing and remains lit.
  4. Now you need to confirm that printer has been successfully configured by printing out the network settings of your printer. Carefully load a sheet of A4 sized plain paper.  Press and hold the Resume/ Cancel button until the alarm lamp flashes 15 times and then release it. This will print the network settings page. Here, you must confirm certain details. The “Connection” status should be “Active”. The SSID – Service Set Identifier (the name of your wireless network) should indicate the correct name of your wireless network.
  5. This completes the WPS setup. Proceed, now, to installing the software/ drivers to your computers so they can command the printer. For this, you can either use the Installation CD or download the drivers from Canon’s website.

Standard Connection Method

This method is useful in case if your router doesn’t support the WPS set-up.

Step 1

Windows users can set up the printer using the Installation CD. In case you don’t have the CD or have a Mac system, you will have to download the driver online.

  1. Insert the CD and run the setup.
  2. Click Next on the Initial Screen.
  3. Continue with the Installer following instructions as it prompts.
  4. As you reach the screen that asks you to select between a USB or wireless connection, select the Wireless Connection.
  5. Before proceeding, make sure that your printer is On. Its power lamp should be lit. Once you are sure of it, Click Next on your computer screen.
Step 2
  1. The next screen will appear with a button that says Connect to the Network. Click on it.
  2. Click Cableless Setup on the next screen.
  3. Next window displays the Connection via Cableless setup box.  This step is very crucial. Press and hold the printer’s WiFi button. Hold it till the orange alarm lamp flashes twice. Release it after the second flash.
  4. After you release the button, the blue WiFi lamp will flash quickly and the green Power lamp will lit up. Proceed to next step after confirming the same. At this stage, your network connections will be disabled momentarily.
  5. Return back to your computer screen and click Next on the Connection via Cableless setup box.
Step 3
  1. Next screen will prompt you to select your place of residence. Select your region appropriately and click Next.
  2. You will see a drop-down menu to choose your location more precisely. Make the relevant choice and click Next.
  3. Next window provides you with a list of software to install. Make the correct choice and click Next.
  4. End User License Agreement will appear on the next window. Scroll it down to the very bottom and select Yes.
  5. Simply click Next on the following screen. In case of any third party software blocking the installation, you would be required to permit the installation and click Next.
  6. The following window will show the model of your printer and the name (or SSID) of your wireless network. Confirm that the details are correct.
  7. After confirming the details, click on the Complete button. Wait for few seconds for the process to complete.
  8. Restart your computer and your Canon Printer is good for use.

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