Fix a Canon Communicate With The Printer Error – PIXMA MG, MP, MX Series

Canon Communicate With The Printer Error
Fix a Canon Communicate With The Printer Error – PIXMA MG, MP, MX Series

Fix a Cannot Communicate With The Printer Error – PIXMA MG, MP, MX Series

Sometimes while accessing the Canon printer you might get the Canon printer cannot communicate error. This error might occur before you complete a required update to the operating system on your device. Apart from that, when the printer is connected to your network before you install the printer driver, you may get this error.

Solutions to fix “Canon Printer cannot Communicate Error” 

➣ Check the network settings of the printer  
  • Ensure that your Canon printer drivers and your computer are connected with the same Wi-Fi network connection. In case, if it is not connected with the same network, then firstly you have to connect to the same network connection. 
  • In case, you have a wired printer, then check whether your canon printer and your computer are connected properly with the Ethernet cable or not. Ensure that there should be no breakage or damage in the Ethernet cable that you are using. 
  • Whereas, if you have a wireless printer, make sure the network settings of the printer i.e wireless router name, SSID, etc are identical with those of the wireless router.
➣ Clear the Print Job Queue 
  • Firstly, click on the Windows icon from the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  • Thereafter, type “run” in the search field and press the Enter key. 
  • In the search field type in “services.msc”. After this, tap on “Ok”.
  • Consequently, the services window will be shown on your screen. In this window, locate the Print Spooler file and right-click on this file and tap on “Stop”. 
  • Now, once again open the run window on your screen. 
  • In the run window, type in “spool” and tap on “Ok”. 
  • Thereafter, type “%systemroot%\System32\spool\printers”. Then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Then, you have to choose all the files just by pressing the “Ctrl” and “A” key altogether.
  • After this, you need to hit the “delete” key in order to remove all the files from your system. 
  • Once all the files get deleted, close the spool folder. 
  • In the end, return back to the services window. In the same window, right-click on the “Print Spooler Service” folder and tap the “Start” button.
➣ Uninstall and Reinstall the Canon Printer Driver 

If still the Canon Printer Cannot Communicate Error, doesn’t resolve, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. 

  • Uninstall Printer Driver
    • Click on the “Start” or windows icon. 
    • Thereafter, locate and tap on the “Control Panel”. 
    • In the control panel, you have to tap on the “Programs” or “Programs and Features” option. 
    • Subsequently, right-click on the file name of your canon printer driver and tap on “Uninstall a program”. 
    • After this, you will be prompted with a message asking  whether you want to uninstall the program, you have to click “Yes”. This will completely uninstall the application from your device. 
  • Reinstall Canon Printer Driver
    • Before, installing the Canon Printer driver ensure that you have downloaded it from the support page of Canon. 
    • Once you have successfully downloaded the printer driver, double-click on the setup file. 
    • In the User Account Control window, tap on the “Yes” tab. 
    • Then, choose the language as per your preference and tap on “Next”. 
    • Choose the printer network connection method between the “Wireless LAN Connection” and the “USB Connection” method.
    • If you are using the Mac PC, enter your login credentials. 
    • Thereafter, ensure that your printer is turned on and click “Ok
    • Just in case your printer is already linked to the network, choose your printer name from the list and tap “Next”. 
    • Input the serial number of your printer and tap “Next”.This will start the installation of your printer driver.  
➣ Other Troubleshooting steps 
  • Resolve the Paper Jamming Issue
  • Check the printer setup 
  • Check the power supply of your printer. 

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