Google Cloud Print Alternatives : 5 options to checkout

Google Cloud Print Alternatives
Google Cloud Print Alternatives : 5 options to checkout

Google designed and manufactured its Chromebook specifically for a fast start-up. It comes with various features like built-in virus protection and automatic updates on software at a low cost. Moreover, in order to minimize the complications, Google also developed Google Cloud printing. Before this feature, the users had to connect their computers to the internet using bulky cables. But Google Cloud print helped you to print from any device that is connected to the internet without using the internet cables. It means that you could print documents from anywhere, irrespective of the distance. However, Google Cloud print has been deprecated recently. Devices across all operating systems won’t be able to print using Google Cloud Print. Therefore, it is necessary to find an alternative print solution.

Top five Google Cloud Print Alternatives

  • Air Printer

Flyingbee developed an air Printer to make all the Windows users experience a convenient way of printing documents. It helps you print emails, pictures, and all other documents wirelessly to any printer within a few clicks. It provides an easy and convenient way of printing, making it less complicated to print remotely. You don’t have to use wires to connect the printer with your printer. In addition to this, it does not limit you to a single printer or PC, so you have many options to choose from to print your documents. It helps print multiple files simultaneously. 

  • PrintShare

PrintShare is a tool that helps you print documents and photos on a printer that is not even placed near you. The best part of using this tool is it is effortless and easy to use. You don’t have to have any special technical knowledge to use it. You can print directly from your application like Microsoft Word, Photo Editor, Outlook, or any other program from anywhere. 

  • PaperCut Mobility Print 

If you want to enjoy secure, easy, and free printing from your Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, or Android devices, this is one of the best Google Cloud Print Alternatives. It is compatible with all printer brands. Along with this, it is also easy to setup. Chromebook users can also print remotely and outside the network by sending printing commands through the internet. 

  • Ezeep

The primary reason that makes ezeep an ideal switch to Google Cloud print is, it fulfills all printing jobs in no time with less cost. It offers various features such as Driverless printing, Mobile printing, User management and permissions, payment and accounting system, user-friendly GUI for admins and end-users, and many more. Hece, it is one of the best tools for Cloud printing.

  • PrintNode

No matter where you are in the world, you can print your documents to any printer. It allows you to send documents to your printer directly from its web app, where you can manage your printers and computers. In addition to this, PrintNode also has a feature-loaded JSON API for integrating cloud printing into your web applications. Hence, it can be counted amongst the best Google Cloud Print Alternatives that you can install on any of your Windows or Mac computers.


In this blog, we have discussed the best alternatives for Google Cloud print along with their features. Hence, after going through this blog, you can choose the most suitable option from the Google Cloud Print alternatives we have added in this blog. 

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