How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

Canon Printer Error Code 1702
How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

Canon Printers uses Waste Ink Absorber for its automatic cleaning function. These are typically a set of smooth foam pads held together by a rubber frame. It is used to absorb spoiled and wasted ink that gathers during the printing or cleaning process.

It is crucial to frequently clean the print head to ensure optimized printer performance. In short, you will get printed copies that are sharp and clear. Whenever you perform the cleaning function, the print head ejects the dust and dried ink. The Waste Ink Absorber collects this dust and dried ink. It ensures the dust and dried ink doesn’t accumulate and flow inside the printer affecting its functioning.

However, with constant usage over a period of time, this Ink Absorber reaches its saturation point. As it cannot absorb more dust and ink, it disrupts the printing process to avoid causing damage to the printer. As such, you get the Canon Printer Error Code 1702 which notifies that the Ink Absorber is almost/ completely full.

How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

Press “OK” to Continue Printing

  1. Whenever you get this error while performing a Print function, it is best to complete the function first.
  2. As such, you should simply press the “OK” button located on your Canon Printer.
  3. Then, continue with the printing process.In case, if your system is unable to connect with the printer or complete the print. Then, proceed for the next step.

Reset The Waste Ink Absorber

  1. First of all, “Turn Off” your Canon printer.
  2. Now, Press and Hold the “Resume” button.
  3. Simultaneously, while you are still holding down the “Resume” button, press and hold the “Power” button. As a result, it will lit the green LED light on your printer.
  4. At this point, you are still holding down the “Resume” and the “Power” button. Now, you have to release the “Resume” button while still holding down the “Power” button. Thereafter, press the “Resume” button twice. As a result, the green LED light on your printer will turn “Amber” for a moment. Then, it will turn back to green once again.
  5. Thereafter, you should slowly release the “Power” button .
  6. After that, once again press the “Resume” button four times in quick succession. Then, immediately press the “Power” button to confirm the selected action i.e. reset the Counter Absorber.
  7. Now, switch off the printer and allow it to rest for a few seconds. Then, switch it on.
  8. This should resolve the Canon Printer Error Code 1702. Else, you will have to replace the Ink Absorber.

Clean The Waste Ink Absorber

  1. First of all, get a large bowl/ bucket and fill it with warm, soapy water. Then, set it aside.
  2. Now, put on rubber gloves.
  3. Next, you should open the Ink Compartment of your Canon printer. You will find it in the front or back of the printer depending upon your model. For determining its location, you can check your User’s Manual.
  4. Thereafter, allow the ink or the toner cartridge to slide entirely out of the way. Then, disconnect the printer from the power source.
  5. Once you have free access to the waste ink absorber, look for a black rubber frame. You will find it under the ink cartridge assembly. It contains the ink absorbing pads. Usually, it has two pads. But it can vary according to your printer model.
  6. Hence, pull out the rubber frame. This will detach the waste ink absorber. Then, pull it away from the printer.
  7. Now, place the ink pads in the bowl/ bucket of hot, soapy water that you set aside in the first step.
  8. Next, you should let it soak for some time.
  9. Then, rub and squeeze the pads to clean out ink. Meanwhile, replace the hot, soapy water as and when required. In short, continue this procedure until the pads are completely clean.
  10. However, if you cannot scrub away all the ink and dirt. Then, leave it to soak in the soapy solution for an extended period.
  11. Subsequently, squeeze out the excess water from the pads. Then, spread it on a stack of dry paper towels or newspaper.
  12. Now, allow it to completely dry. Meanwhile, replace the paper towels when they are saturated.
  13. Thereafter, reattach the foam pads in the rubber frame. Then, install the waste ink absorber in its accurate position.
  14. After that, press and hold the “Power” button. Simultaneously, reconnect the Power Cord. Once it turns on, release the “Power” button. Then, wait for five seconds and once again press the “Power” button.
  15. As a result, it will reset the printer’s internal memory and override the Error Code 1702.

Replace The Waste Ink Absorber

  1. If all else has failed, it means the ink pad is saturated and needs replacement. In short, you should procure a new Waste Ink Absorber from Canon and replace it to resolve the issue.
  2. Although, you can perform this step yourself. Still, replacing it is a perplexing and messy process. Even if you manage to successfully change the Ink Absorber, its Counter must be reset. Without it, your printer will not function properly.
  3. As such, it is not recommended for you to replace the waste ink absorber tank. Instead, you should seek professional help from a technical expert.

 Fix Canon Printer Error 1702

 Fix Canon Printer Error 1702

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