How to Fix Canon Printer Ink Error?

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How to Fix Canon Printer Ink Error?

How to Fix Canon Printer Ink Error?

Canon Printer Ink Error displays when the ink level is low or empty and unable to print a document. You have the option to ignore this message by simply clicking on the OK button. Also, you can perform the basic reset process. For that, press your printer’s restart button or Color Start button for a period of at least 15 seconds. However, this article shows you some easy and advanced methods for resolving Canon Printer Ink Error. 

Method 1. Remove the Protective Strips or Covers of a new cartridge

If you have inserted the ink cartridges without removing its strips or covers, the printer will surely not recognize the ink cartridge. Hence, take out the cartridge, gently remove its protective strips and insert it again. Try to print a paper now. 

Method 2. Put the Canon printer ink cartridge in the correct slot

It is important that you have placed the cartridges into their assigned and specified slots. If the black ink cartridge is placed in the colored slot, then the printer will obviously fail to recognize the cartridge. Also, check that you are using the correct cartridges for your canon printer. For this, you can check the manual of your printer. 

Method 3. Remove the cartridge and clean the electrical contacts

If the printer still does not identify and recognize the cartridge, take out the Canon printer ink cartridge from the printer. Gently wipe the contact chip by using a clean towel or lint-free cloth. The contact chip helps in recognizing the ink cartridges. So make sure that the contact chip is properly clean and should not contain any dust particle. 

Method 4. Place the “Cartridge with print heads” properly

For cartridges with print heads, the cartridge is often placed flat or upside down for weeks or months. Due to this, the black or colored inks do not reach the print head and obstruct the new ink cartridge from printing. To resolve this issue, you have to remove the ink cartridge from its slot and place it on a towel with the print head facing down Also, you need to wait until and unless you see the ink flow. Once the ink reaches the print head, you should reinstall the ink cartridges and try to print. 

Method 5. Reset the Cartridge Ink Counter

Even after cleaning the electrical contact, if the issue does not resolve, you are supposed to reinstall the ink cartridges. For that, follow the given steps with accuracy. 

  • First of all, unplug the power cables of the printer. Detach the cable from the wall socket. Also, unplug all the USB and ethernet cables that are connected to your printer. 
  • Wait for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Then reconnect the power cable to the wall socket. 
  • Now, you are required to open the cartridge door. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. 
  • While holding the power button, close the cartridge door. Then, release the button. 
  • This will reset both the printer and the ink cartridge. 
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