How to Replace a Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge?

Canon TS3122 Ink
How to Replace a Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge?

How to Replace a Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge?

Canon Printers are some of the most sophisticated and user-friendly Printing Machines. These are sensitive devices that may fail to perform in the absence of Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge. In other words, both the Colour and Black Cartridge must operate perfectly. For this purpose, it automatically alerts you for replacing it when the Ink Level depletes. As such, you must immediately replace it with a new set of specified Cartridges. Also, ensure to procure it from a reliable and authentic source. 

Precautions With Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge 

  1. It is essential to replace the Cartridge immediately after removing an empty one. You cannot leave the Printer without it for a period of over 10 minutes. 
  2. Also, immediately install the Cartridge after removing it’s packaging. If you fail to do so, it’s Ink will dry out. This may damage the Printer. 
  3. Make sure to Install all the Canon Ink Cartridges in order to ensure your Printer’s proper functioning. 
  4. Ensure that you never install a used cartridge as it may lead to clogged nozzles. As such, it will fail to alert you about replacing its Ink. 
  5. Never touch the Cartridges’ Electrical Contacts or Printhead Nozzle.  
  6. During the replacement process, be careful of Ink Stains and Spoilage. 

Replace a Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge

  1. To begin with, turn on your Printer in order to replace the Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge. 
  2. Locate the Printer’s Paper Output Tray and its Extension. Retract them.
  3. Open the Printer Cover. With this, its Printhead Holder will start moving. Hence, wait for it to rest in its Replacement Position. Here, it is important to ensure that you don’t interrupt the movement. Also, never force it. 
  4. Besides that, also ensure not to leave it open for more than 10 minutes. If it happens, the Cartridge Holder will move to the far left. As a result, an error will occur. In that case, simply close the cover and reopen it. 
  5. Now, gently push down the Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge. Press it until you hear the click sound twice. 
  6. Thereafter, carefully detach the Ink Cartridge. Then, properly discard it in accordance with local laws and regulations. 
  7. Subsequently, bring out a new Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge. Carefully remove it from its packaging. 
  8. Get rid of its protective tapes properly. Be careful with it to avoid Ink Stains or Spillage. Never shake the Cartridge. 
  9. Here, it is important to immediately discard the removed protective tapes with utmost care. Also ensure that you never reattach the tape after removing it. 
  10. Your Printer requires both the Colour and Black Cartridge. Hence, you will have to Install both of them properly. Make sure to Install the Colour Cartridge in the Left Slot. Similarly, the Black one must be installed in the Right Slot. 
  11. Now, insert the Cartridge into the Cartridge Holder at a slant position. Also, ensure that it doesn’t hit the Holder’s Electrical Contacts. You will have to push the Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge in and up. Make sure to do it firmly but carefully. You will hear a click sound when it fits into its correct position. 
  12. After that, properly close the Paper Output Cover. 

Prepare The Printer After The Installation

  1. Once you have properly replaced the Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge, prepare the Printer for its proper functioning. 
  2. The Printer will automatically start cleaning its Printhead. This will take time. However, make sure that you don’t perform other operations during this process.
  3. Along with that, you will have to align the Printhead if it is not aligned.
  4. While performing these procedures, your Printer will make noise which is normal.
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