How to set up your printer with Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print setup
How to set up your printer with Google Cloud Print?

How to set up your printer with Google Cloud Print?

To take your printing experience to the next level, you must set up your Canon printer with Google Cloud Print. This lets you print from any cloud-enabled location or device. You can enjoy printing right from your web browser. Setup is the primary process that you must follow for getting your hands on this ultimate service. 

Fundamental Requirements for Google Cloud Print

For performing the printer setup on cloud print, you have to fulfill some of the pre-requirements. Meeting these requirements will make your process simple, hassle-free, and quick to perform. The following are the prerequisites of the setup process. 

  • Login credentials of your active Google account
  • Successfully set up Canon wireless printer 
  • PC or smart device with an updated internet browser
  • A4 paper placed in your Canon printer
  • Wireless network connection with strong signals

Learn How to Setup Your Canon Printer with Google Cloud Print

To set up your Canon printing machine with Google Cloud Print, you are available with distinct methods. The following are the two of them. You can opt for any of the methods as per your preference. Make sure you follow the directions in the stated manner so as to complete the process without any unwanted hindrances. 

Method 1: Printer Setup with Cloud Print using a Web browser

Using a web browser for setting up your Canon printer with cloud printing is quite simple and uncomplicated. To provide you a clear path, we are stating the step-by-step instructions below. 

Note: This process will work with Google Chrome. Make sure the options and their placement might differ with the web browser. 

  1. The primary step of the process is to connect your Canon printer and computer system with the same wireless network. 
  2. Then, run a secure internet browser on your system. If required then update it to the latest version for a smooth procedure. 
  3. Now, click the three horizontal lines or dots that are positioned on the upper-right hand of the browser. 
  4. The list of options will expand immediately. Look for the “Settings” option in the list and choose it. 
  5. In the Settings window, scroll down till the end. Then, you will get an “Advanced” option at the bottom. Click it to broaden the options. 
  6. As you move down, you will find the “Printing” section. The second option of the section is “Google Cloud Print”. Click it to step ahead. 
  7. Now, turn on its toggle button by clicking on it. Also, click the “Expand” icon placed beside the Manage Cloud device option. 
  8. Next to this, you need to add your printer by clicking the “Add” tab.
  9. The list of the nearby printers will come. Select the printer you want to set up with Google cloud print and hit “Add”.
  10. This will display the confirmation message on your screen informing you about the successful completion of the setup process.
  11. You can now close the tabs and start with the web-printing.

Method 2: Set up Canon printer via Authentication URL

Another method that you can opt for the printer setup with cloud print is through the authentication URL. This process will take a few more minutes to complete the setup. To make the process simpler and error-free, you must follow the directions stated underneath.

  1. First, you need to switch on your printer by pushing its power button. Once it’s on, access the control panel of your printer. Make sure your Canon printer is well-linked with an internet connection.
  2. Using the available keys, get the menu on your screen by pressing the “Home” button. Now, select Setup> Web Service Setup> Other Settings> Google Cloud Print Setup> Register.
  3. Next to this, confirm the cloud print Canon registration by selecting “Ok”.
  4. You will then be asked to choose the language for the print settings. Select the appropriate language and confirm it. 
  5. After a couple of minutes, a print will come out of your Canon printer containing all the network details. You will now get the authentication URL with you. 
  6. Now, approach your computing device and connect it to the internet network, the same as your Canon printer. Then, run an internet browser on it. 
  7. The authentication URL that is available on the printout is required to be entered in the address field of your browser. 
  8. This will take you to the logging window of the cloud print service. Invade your registered credentials in the placed fields and confirm the account sign in. 
  9. The confirmation message will now turn up on your browser’s screen. Along with this, your printer’s screen will also show the setup completion message.

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