How to Use Google Cloud Print and Register With Google Cloud Print for Canon Pixma?

Google Cloud Print
How to Use Google Cloud Print and Register With Google Cloud Print for Canon Pixma?

How to Use Google Cloud Print™️ and Register it for Canon Pixma?

Learn About Google Cloud Print™️

Google Cloud Print™️ is a dedicated user service provided by Google that allows you to harness the benefits of your wireless Printer over the Internet’s Cloud infrastructure. In other words, this unique service gives you the liberty to print on your wireless Printer from any location by means of any Cloud-enabled Device. In this way, this service acts as a bridge between your Home/ Work Printers and the World Wide Web. As such, you can print from any location and device on your wireless printers. 

Printers Supported By Google Cloud Print™️

As stated above, Google Cloud Print™️ supports all those Printing Devices that are equipped with Cloud infrastructure. Most recent models of leading Printer brands like Canon, HP, Dell, Epson etc. support this intuitive feature. You can easily check your specific Printer Model’s compatibility on this platform.

Setup For Canon Pixma Printers

Canon Pixma Printers are some of the most advanced Inkjet Printing Devices offered by this globally reputed brand. These state-of-the-art gadgets offer unbelievable flexibility and ease of operations. It is packed with intuitive features to give you an unparalleled experience. One of the most interesting and efficient features is its compatibility with Google Cloud Print™️. 

Prerequisites For Cloud Print Setup

  1. Canon Pixma Wireless Printer
  2. Internet Connection (WiFi Network)
  3. Computer which has pre-installed Google Chrome Browser
  4. Active Google Account

Procedure For Google Cloud Print™️ Setup

Google Cloud Print™️ Setup procedure is quick and easy which involves three distinct steps. To begin with, connect the Printer and Computer to a Wireless Network. Then, print an Authentication URL on your Canon Pixma Printer. Finally, complete an Online Registration. 

Connect Canon Pixma Printer To your WiFi Network

  1. Turn On the Canon Pixma Printer. 
  2. Establish a connection between this Printer and your Wireless Network. 
  3. Now, turn on your Computer.
  4. Then, connect this System to an Internet Network. Make sure both the Printer and the Computer are hooked to the same Network. 

Print The Authentication URL

  1. Make sure the Printer is turned on. Its Power Lamp must be lit and stable.
  2. Approach its Control Panel. 
  3. Go to its “Home” Menu screen. 
  4. Select the “Setup” tab from this screen. 
  5. Now, use the arrow keys to locate “Web Server Setup”. Tap on it to proceed further. Then, select “OK”.
  6. On the following window, scroll down to get “Other Settings”. Select it. Then, press “OK” from the keypad.
  7. Thereafter, choose the “Google Cloud Print™️ Setup” option. Then, press “OK”.
  8. Select the “Register with Google Cloud Print™️” option. Then, press “OK”.
  9. When you get a message seeking your consent to “Register with Google Cloud Print™️”. Select “Yes” to confirm it. 
  10. The following window prompts you to set your preferred “Language”. Hence, make an appropriate selection. Then, press “OK”.
  11. Finally, it prompts you for the “Authentication Process”. Before performing this process, make sure that the Printer is loaded with A4 size plain white sheets. Now, select “OK” to execute the process. 
  12. As a result, Google Cloud Print™️ will print an “Authentication URL”. This will take time. Hence, wait patiently. 
  13. Once you get the required Printout, make sure the text is clearly printed. Keep it safely as you will need it during the Online Registration.
  14. With this, a confirmation message will appear on your Printer’s Control Panel. Select “Yes” to complete this process. 
  15. However, you must wait for at least 15 minutes to proceed to the registration process. 

Online Registration

  1. Approach your Computer for completing this step of the Google Cloud Print™️ Setup process.
  2. Launch a Web Browser that is available on this System. 
  3. Now, check the Printout that you must have got during the Authentication process. 
  4. Type in the given URL accurately in your Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit “Enter”. 
  5. The following window prompts you to “Sign In” to your Google Account. For this, simply enter the Email Address and Password associated with your existing Google Account. Then, click on “Sign In”. 
  6. Thereafter, you get a Confirmation window. Hence, click on the “Finish Printer Registration” button. 
  7. With this, you get a Confirmation message on your Printer’s Display Panel. However, this may take a couple of seconds. Select “OK” to complete the Google Cloud Print™️ Setup. 

Print Documents On Canon Pixma Printer

Print From A Computer

  1. In the very first place, make sure that you are “logged in” with your Google Account on your Computer.
  2. Launch a Web Browser on this Computer. 
  3. Now, go to the Google Cloud Print Management web page.
  4. Look at the top left-hand corner of this window. Click on the “Print” tab. 
  5. Select the “Upload File To Print” option. 
  6. On the following pop-up window, click on the link that says “Select a file from my computer”.
  7. Browse through the Computer to select the file for printing with Google Cloud Print™️. 
  8. Click “Open” for the selected file. 
  9. Thereafter, select your Canon Pixma Printer. 
  10. Finally, click on the “Print” tab to complete the process. 

Print From Google Chrome

  1. In the very first place, make sure that you are “logged in” with your Google Account on your Computer.
  2. Launch Google Chrome on this Computer.
  3. Open the Document, File, Page or Image to print. 
  4. Click “File” from the top left-hand corner. 
  5. Select the “Print” option.
  6. Click on the “Destination” drop-down box. Then, choose your Canon Pixma Printer. If your Printer is not listed here, click on “See More” to find it. 
  7. This window also allows you to alter the Print Settings. As such, make changes as per your requirements. 
  8. Finally, click on the “Print” tab to execute the command through Google Cloud Print™️.

*Disclaimer: We are no way associated with Canon™️ and Google™️. The content we have used is for information purposes only.

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