Canon is a globally acclaimed multinational company based out of Tokyo, Japan. It specializes in developing highly innovative and sophisticated imaging and optical products for personal and professional purposes. For instance, cameras, camcorders, steppers, photocopiers, scanners, computer printers, and medical equipment. In fact, it is a well-reputed name in the field of printing technology. It offers an extensive range of avant-garde, intuitive and user-friendly printers that suit different computing environments, budgets and functionality. However, at times, these sophisticated printers can be overwhelming for some users to deploy, use and maintain. In short, some users require clear and simple guidance in matters relating to their devices. With this in mind, ij.start.canon has emerged a single-point hub to assist Canon printer users.

In other words, ij.start.cannon offers a comprehensive online platform for users to understand every aspect of their world-class products in the most simplified manner. In short, it prepares users to harness the full potential of their products without the hassle of technical complications. Given below is a brief overview of how you can use this site to Setup your Canon printer.

How to Setup Canon Printers at ij.start.canon?

At ij.start.canon, you can get complete information regarding every model of Canon printers, scanners, and multi-function units. It gives you access to user manuals, Functions, Settings and a lot more. Above all, ij.start.cannon will assist you in the Setup procedure of your Canon printer. 

  1. In the very first place, open your preferred Internet Browser on your computer. In other words, click on the Browser icon located at your System’s Desktop or Taskbar. You may have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.
  2. Then, go to “ij.start.cannon“. For this, type in this URL accurately in the browser’s address bar. Thereafter, press the “Enter” key of your keyboard. Consequently, it will take you to the required website.
  3. Now, you should look for the “Setup” link. This window will present you with a few links on the left panel, namely, Setup, Read Online Manual, See Recommended Functions, and Frequently Asked Questions. Here, you should click on “Setup (Start Here)”.
  4. Subsequently, the next window will present you with a list of all models of Canon Printers. Here, you have to identify your product number or model. You can either type in your printer model in the search bar. Then, click on “GO”. Alternatively, you can click on the First Letters of your model name from the list followed by the remaining digit to identify your product. 
  5. However, in case you don’t know your product model. Then, you can either check it on your Invoice. Else, click on the “Where to find your product name” link. This will guide you in locating the model number on your printer. 
  6. Once you identify your product, it will redirect you to the window providing you with a specific Setup procedure for your product. 
  7. Here, it will take you through the various steps of the ij.start.canon Setup procedure in a very simple and easy manner.
  8. Hence, you should closely follow these instructions for the Setup.
  9. To begin with, the Setup window will provide you links that say “Notes for Safe Operation” and “Box Contents”. These links give you important information that is essential for using your state-of-the-art Canon Printer. Hence, click on them one-by-one. Then, properly go through the details given on the respective webpages. 
  10. Thereafter, get back to the Setup window of “ij.start.cannon”. Here, you will find the “Start” button. Hence, click on it to proceed further with the Setup process. 
  11. The following window guides you in preparing the robust Canon Printer for the Setup process. In other words, it assists you with the machine’s physical setup. Hence, go through the steps given in this section of “ij.start.canon”. It also displays the video tutorial. 
  12. After completing the hardware setup, click on the “2Connect” button located on the lower right-hand side of the window. 
  13. The subsequent window helps you in connecting the printer to your computer. Here, you will find a secure link for downloading the Canon Printer Drivers. Hence, click on the highlighted “Download” tab to begin the process. Then, wait for the download to complete properly. 
  14. Along with that, this window provides the link that says “Want to connect to your smartphone instead?”. It helps you in easily connecting the Printer to your Smartphone. Hence, click on it and follow the given instructions. Similarly, it also provides a link to “Setup Windows 10 in S mode”. It will take you through the steps of setting up your Windows 10 Device for connecting with your Canon Printer. 
  15. Once the download is complete, proceed to install the printer drivers on your system. 
    • To begin with, click on the “Run” tab that you get on the following pop-up box. 
    • However, if the pop-up box doesn’t appear after the download. Then, locate the downloaded file on your system. Open the file by double-clicking on it. Then, select “Run”.
    • Thereafter, click “Yes” on the following User Account Control window. 
    • Now, click on the “Language” tab given on the Installer window of “ij.start.cannon”. Make sure to appropriately choose a preferred language. Then, click “Next”.
    • Thereafter, carefully “Select Your Place Of Residence”. Then, click “Next”.
    • After that, attentively review the terms of the given “License Agreement”. Then, select “Yes” to accept the terms. 
    • As such, it leads you to the Firewall Settings window. Go through the details. Then, select the option that says “Deactivate the Block”. Click “Next” to proceed further. 
    • Subsequently, it redirects you to the “Connection Method” window of “ij.start.canon”. When prompted, select “Wired” or  “Wireless” as your Connection Option. Then, click “Next”.
    • Now, follow on-screen instructions to complete the Network Setup. 
    • The following window provides a list of software available for Installation. Hence, make an appropriate selection. Then, click “Next”.
    • As a result, it starts the installation process. Hence, wait for it.
    • Finally, click on “Exit”.
    • Then, restart your computer.
  16. Therefore, you must accurately follow these steps to complete the “Setup” process.
  17. In addition to that, properly configure your sophisticated Canon Printer to your Internet Network. Make sure both the Printer and your computer are connected to the same network.

Hardware Setup Procedure

  1. Begin the Hardware Setup process at “ij.start.canon” by placing your feature-packed Canon Printer at a safe location. Make sure to place it on a flat surface. Also, ensure that it is placed within the network range of your Internet Connection. 
  2. Next, you should carefully bring out the Printer from its package. In other words, unbox it properly by unwrapping the packaging material. 
  3.  Remove the protective tapes from every part of your Canon Printers without causing any damage.
  4. Now, hook it up to a stable Power Source like a Wall Outlet by means of the accompanied Power Cable.  Then, switch on the power source. 
  5. Next, you should turn on the Printer by pressing its Power button. This should light up its “Power Lamp” with a stable green light. 
  6. Thereafter, properly install its Paper Tray. Then, load it with a stack of A4 size plain white sheets. 
  7. Along with that, carefully fill and install the provided Ink Cartridges for completing the hardware setup as explained at “ij.start.cannon”. 
  8. As a result, the Printer will automatically begin its Initialization and Alignment procedures. Hence, wait for it.  
  9. Subsequently, access the Printer’s Control Panel to complete the Setup Guide. For this, bring up the Setup window. Then, follow on-screen prompts to set your “Display Language”, “Date”, “Country/ Region”, “Time”, and “Access Security Measures (PIN)”. 
  10. Finally, close down the Setup Guide. For this, click on “End”.