How to Setup Canon Pixma Tr4520?

canon Pixma tr4520
How to Setup Canon Pixma Tr4520?

Canon Pixma tr4520 is a specially designed printer that is ideal for personal and professional use. Also, it has a compact design and comes with a set of advanced and latest printing features. Furthermore, it also supports Amazon’s Alexa enabling the user to experience hand free printing. Therefore, for users looking for a strong and robust printing machine capable of printing high-quality documents, Canon Pixma tr4520 is the best available option.

Canon printers are not only famous for their printing quality, but they are also likely the people because of their compact design. Hence, Canon Pixma tr4520 takes very little space in the home or workplace. Apart from the design, it can hold 100 sheets in the paper tray, and it’s manual duplexing automatic document feeder can hold up to 20 letter-size sheets.

Features of Canon Pixma Tr4520

 All users are suggested to carefully accomplish the Canon Pixma tr4520 setup procedure to take full advantage of the printer. But before proceeding with the setup process, thoroughly check the features below to get more aware of the printer. 

  • It is a versatile printer that has the capability of handling a variety of printing needs.
  • The auto document feeder is helpful to obtain quick prints and also save money on paper.
  • It has a built-in wi-fi feature that allows the users to print remotely from their mobile using the Airprint Service.
  • The duplex printing feature is available for two-sided printing and helps the user save money on paper.

Steps required for Canon Pixma Tr4520 setup procedure 

All users are recommended to follow the steps provided below to accomplish the Canon Pixma tr4520 setup process through the steps provided below. Hence once the user is done with the setup procedure, they can perform all printing tasks smoothly without any issue. 

Step 1: Turn ON the printer

  •  The users, first of all, have to turn “ON” their printing machine.
  • Note: Carefully insert one end of the power cord to the power cord connector available on the printer and another end of the power cord to the wall socket.
  • Now on the operational panel of the printer, press the “power” button.
  • After this, users are suggested to select the language on the printer display through the navigation keys.

Step 2: Printer Cartridges Installation process

  • Note: Wait for the print carriage holder to come to a stable position.
  • Now carefully install the printer cartridges by applying the steps discussed below.
  • Gently remove the protective tape from the printer cartridge.
  • Make sure not to touch the contacts on the ink cartridges.
  • After this, carefully place the black ink cartridge in the left slot and the color one in the right slot.
  • After that, insert the printer cartridge with an upward angle into the slot and gently lock it in a position.
  • After this, close the output cover.

Step 4: Load paper in the paper tray

  • Take out the paper tray and stop when a click sound is heard.
  • Now by sliding the purple paper guide, move it to the right end.
  • After this, place the paper in a well-set manner in the paper tray.
  • Note: Do not exceed the maximum paper limit.
  • Carefully adjust the paper guide with the paper edges to fix it in a position. Ensure that there should not be any bent paper because it may cause a paper jam issue.
  • Now after placing the paper in the paper tray, carefully slide the paper tray into the printer.
  • After that, on the printer display, set the paper settings.

So by following the aforementioned steps, the user can smoothly perform the Canon Pixma tr4520 setup procedure. If anyhow, due to some technical glitches, the user fails to setup the printer, they should ask for assistance from the canon customer service team.

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