How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer MX922 Printhead Errors

canon mx922 print head
How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer MX922 Printhead Errors

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer MX922 Printhead Errors? 

Canon MX922 print head error is a mechanical failure that you may face in daily use. This error will not let you print a page and occur repeatedly if you do not find a solution to resolve it. In this manual, you will get effective solutions that are easy-to-understand and simple to follow. 

Possible Reasons for Canon MX922 Print Head Error

  1. It may be possible that the printhead installed is not compatible or well-suited with your MX922 printer. In such scenarios, your printer will fail to communicate with the printhead when printing a page. 
  2. Printhead nozzles are choked. 
  3. This error may also occur if the cartridges you are using do not support your MX922 printer model. 
  4. While setting up the printer or inserting the ink cartridges, the printhead position mistakenly changed.
  5. If the cartridges you are using for printing pages are empty or suddenly stop functioning. 
  6. The error may get displayed, if any piece of paper gets stuck in the printhead area. 
  7. Sometimes, the Canon MX922 print head error occurs due to outdated drivers. 

Effective Methods to Resolve Canon MX922 Print Head Error

To quickly fix Canon MX922 print head error, have a look at the below-stated troubleshooting methods. 

Method 1: Reset the Canon MX922 Printer

  • The primary step is to turn off your printer. Now, press the ON button, and alongside this, press the Stop button. 
  • Afterwards, you have to release the Stop button for once and then press it again for five times. 
  • Now, release the ON button and your printer LCD screen will lit up. 
  • After a few seconds, you have to press the Power button to switch off your printer. This will reset your printer. 
  • Now, try to print a page. If the Canon MX922 Print head error still persists, carry out the next method. 

Method 2: Execute the Printhead Cleaning Process

Standard Cleaning
  • Power on your MX922 printer and load one or more pages into the printer tray. 
  • Press the Menu button given on the front panel of the printer. The printer display will lit up. 
  • Select the “Setup” option and then press OK. From the setup screen, you have to locate and select the “Maintenance” option. 
  • A list containing different options will come into view. Select the “Deep Cleaning” option and press OK. 
  • A pop-up box will get displayed asking for your confirmation to clean the printhead, select “Yes”. 
  • It will start cleaning your MX922 printhead. Once you see the “Pattern Print Confirmation” screen, select Yes and by following this, press OK. 
  • The print head nozzle check pattern will be printed on a page. When the completion message comes up on your printer screen, press OK.
  • Now, check the nozzle check pattern and print quality. If the issue is not fixed yet, step forward to the next method to resolve the Canon MX922 print head error. 
Take Out the Printhead and Clean it Manually
  • In the first place, open the top cover of your MX922 printer. Following this, open the scanner unit and the carriage will automatically adjust into its place. 
  • Now, you have to pull out the power from the backside of the printer. Doing so, your printer will be turned off immediately. Moving on, remove all the cartridges installed on your printer. 
  • Thereafter, take out the printhead carefully from the printer in order to start the cleaning process. 
  • Now, dip a cotton cloth in lukewarm water and gently clean all the ink patches that exist on the printhead. 
  • In addition, if any of the cartridges is empty, replace it with a new one. 
  • When you observe that the printhead is properly cleaned, let it dry for some time. Then, install the printhead again into its assigned place. 
  • Insert all the cartridges, close the scanner unit, and finally close the top cover of the printer. 
  • Now, attach the power cord to the printer, power it on, and try to print a page. This may resolve the Canon MX922 print head error. If not, proceed ahead and follow the next method. 

Method 3: Install the Latest Driver that Supports Your MX922 Printer

Printer driver is a software that sends print requests to your printer. So, if the software gets corrupted, then you may see the Canon MX922 print head error on your printer LCD screen. To fix the issue, uninstall the driver from your Mac or Windows operating system and then reinstall it. 

  • Run a compatible web browser and move ahead to
  • Input MX922 in the search bar, press Go and select the “Driver & Downloads” tab.
  • Make an appropriate selection for your Operating System and Language. Tap “Select” and by following this, click “Download”. 
  • Link your MX922 printer to the computer and accept the Installation agreements by clicking Yes. 
  • This will initiate the printer driver installation. Once it’s done, try to print a page by using the newly-installed printer driver.

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